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The Primary purpose of Trikore is to offer service using the latest technologies and trends. The process contains providing IT solutions and building online presence for your products and services.

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PHP Framework

PHP Framework is a basic and popular platform which allows users to develop a web applications. It is one of the advanced framework to use. It saves loads of time, it gets rid of repetitive code and user can develop application fast and secure.Most Popular PHP frameworks are LARAVEL and Code Igniter


LARAVEL is one of the most advanced, popular and secure framework in PHP framework. It is a framework with expressive and elegance syntax. LARAVEL is the most powerful web application in PHP framework. It is highly secured when compared to other frameworks. Our developers are well trained for LARAVEL and we have proven results.


CODEIGNITER is an open source software. A goal is to develop projects much faster than before by providing rich set of libraries commonly needed tasks, as well as a simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries. We use Code Igniter to finish the project on time with rich technology.

Benefits of PHP Framework

  • PHP frameworks provided tools, features, and code snippets help developers to speed up custom web application development.
  • PHP framework is a lightweight Application Development
  • The PHP frameworks reduce coding time considerably by providing code generation feature.
  • PHP framework supports versatility
  • It Enable programmers to perform unit testing smoothly.
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