Watch out for top trends SEO 2018


The classic Keyword Placement and Back links guaranteed success in SEO are long gone. Now a days Google database gathers more data based on users search queries, so the results are more accurate and personalized than ever.


Seo TrendsAs said before, now SEO is more than keywords and back links, it is more than Meta tags and contents. Search results are now giving right answer to the users. SEO has changed a lot in this past year and it is going to be more upgrade in this year also.
To keep up with the latest trends and changes, we are giving you some important head start tips to improve your SEO Strategy this year.


#1. The Reign of Voice Search

According to Google, 1 out of 5 searches comes from voice. Since Google assistant comes in handy all the time and it releases for all Android devices now, voice search has become more popular and provide more accurate results than text search. Voice search is commonly used for asking questions and doubts.

Voice Search

For example, what is Google assistant? Or what is the new technology in mobile? Likewise voice search queries are in question types. So if you want to get your web page should appear when they perform voice queries related to your business, then web content should be written according to that. Since mobile is ruling the tech world, the chances of voice search rise is getting higher this year. So, be prepare.


#2. A Huge Impact of Mobile

We all know the basic fact that smart mobiles are irreplaceable and hard to live without. Mostly 80 % of users browsing only in mobile, Google and other search engines are trying to provide the best user experience in term of search results and they upgrade every day. And also Google wants to provide the search results which are more appropriate and responsive to users.

Mobile Impact

Google has some guidelines and algorithms for SEO optimization, every year they are releasing new algorithm and based on this we have to update our website time to time. We are months away Google’s roll out for the mobile’s first index. Meaning, Google evaluate and making guidelines based on website’s relevance according to user experience in desktop but now it is going to be the mobile, which probably will biggest Google algorithmic change in history.


#3. Search Intent Optimization

You have already familiar with content optimization, now what is intent optimization? It is kind of trending now since user interaction with search engines are getting higher and higher day by day. We hear “Google it”phrase almost everyday around us. So, what exactly people are searching, what answers they need?

Intent Optimization

Intent based optimization recognizes primary topics and questions that people are looking for. So find out the people’s requirements in terms of searching, analyze it and write a clean and perfect content that users looking in search queries. In fact Google’s ranking factor is going to be based on website with keyword intent.


#4. Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets is the new term introduced by Google. When a user ask something to Google, In case when a user asks “what is featured snippets? “ Google searches in its web index, find a relevant answer and displays inside a box at the top of search results. And the other contents and results will appear below one by one as usual.

Featured snippets

Since featured snippets are the number one position in search results, we all know in SEO terms how it gains huge importance. To get your website inside the featured snippets, you have to add a FAQ page and provide useful and relevant answers. It will give more visibility and gain more traffic to your website.


#5. Forefront Design and Speed

Let’s just say you optimized your website with everything we discussed above and also you attained the first position in Google. But when users visit your website, what if your website is loading more than 3 seconds? Or what is user can’t easily navigate and find out what they want? Do you think they will wait and search? No, they will just bounce and switch on to some other website.

Website Speed

Probably, you have already known all that and your website is working just fine in desktop. But the real key problem is “does your website is responsive to all devices?” Forefront design and speed is always mandatory but it has become more essential to keep your visitors on the website. The hard fact is you lost 40% of the visitors if your website is loading more than 3 seconds. So always keep up your site with all devices and gadgets available.

Those are core 5 points to look out in SEO in this new happening year and a key to success. Watch out this space for more updates regarding SEO and websites.

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