How to Get More Traffic to your Website Organically


We all are aware of the fact that a website needs traffic (I.e.) visitors or viewers for your website. That’s the whole point of creating a website right? To get more traffic and leads via your website. You might already know about the paid ads in social media and Google to get more visitors. But the mere fact is users trust the webpage which has become popular organically, meaning without any amount getting paid.

There are so many ways to increase your website traffic only through SEO and other promoting methods which is totally non payable.
You may find this article difficult to understand because it involves some technical details to make your website SEO and Google friendly. You don’t have to understand the technicality but you should just be aware of the basic details and make sure that your developer doing it all right.

Here are some important tips to attract more traffic to your website organically.

#Get Active in Social Media

The first and foremost method to increase traffic to your website is social media, you might have heard so many bragging about promoting in social media sites. Here we are going to see what kind of benefits it will give you with no cost. First of all, to get recognized in social media say Facebook, you have to create a business page for your company/service. Create a page with absolute and ease details by which users can easily get to know you.

After creating a page, it is mandatory to be active on that page. Post informative details regularly, promote your website without sound like “spam”. Share useful and trending news and join in groups which are related to your business. Be active on that, for example comment other’s post and start a conversation which leads users to visit your Facebook page and ultimately your company/website become popular.

#Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is one of the pure organic way to get high traffic to your website. Basically, SEO helps your website to appear first in search results whenever users enter some queries in search engines. For example if you own a IT company, when user search “best IT companies” your website will appear as a first result if you do Proper SEO.
There are two steps in SEO,

On Page SEO

On page SEO mostly involves the Meta tags which is nothing but the correct Meta title, description and keywords for each important pages of your website. You should also check if the images you have used in your page contains ‘alt tag’ and in proper size.

These on page SEO things we are doing is mainly to help Google the search engine can easily crawl and index your website. In simple words, you are introducing your website to Google as it likes. It is applicable for other search engines too.

Off Page SEO

Once you are done with the perfect On Page SEO, now it’s time to get your website top in search engines. Off page SEO includes, all the promotion of your keywords which means you have to get done the following process with highlighting your top keywords.

• Search engine Submission
• Directory Submission
• Forum
• Bookmarking Submission
• Classified Submission
• Article promotion
Those are the basic off page SEO works to improve your website search results.

#Update your Content Time to Time

Content has become the king of any website, Good content is the first step of Good marketing. How good and unique is your content? Your content should be fresh, unique and easy to read. Once you attract the visitors to your website, you should make sure that they stay in your website long time. To make them stay contents and images play a vital role.

Always write your own content, so that it will be unique and fresh. Search engine hates duplicate content as well as the visitors. Make sure you use your own image and content. Write meaningful content as well. Update your content time to time so that visitors will have something new to read in your website.

#Make Sure your Web Page is Fast

Will you wait if some webpage is taking time to load more than 3 seconds? I bet you don’t. Well, no one does. So it is very significant to make sure that your website is speed enough. You must demand your developer to maintain your page speed, whatever your developer is saying don’t compromise if it comes to website speed.

You can check yourself your website speed easily, Clear your cache memory and history. Now open your website in laptop, if it loads within 4 seconds then it is good, if it’s not you should get concern and call your developer.

#Make Sure your Website is Responsive

Responsive website is a new age thing, you should be aware of. Now a days, personal computer is not the only source to browse. You have laptops that too in so many different size of screens, mobiles, Tablets, Notes and what not? Your web page should adapt every device that available in this world. Meaning users can able to view your webpage in any size of screen without any cropping or cut images/content.

Here comes the responsive design, when you start creating the website you should make each and every banner images, images, contents, forms whatever design you have it in your website should be responsive which is adaptable to kind of devices available. It will be comfortable to the viewers who are visiting your website and keep them stay long.

#Write a Blog and Promote it

And finally the most classic way to bring visitors to your website is write a blog and share it. We will see how, first you have to create blog page integrated with your website and then you have to write a fresh and unique article which should be related to your website and business. Your blog should be very useful, informative and interactive.

Once you write an article, you should share that article in all Social Medias and also you can paste your blog links to other appropriate blog so that it will be like knowledge sharing and also bring visitors to your blog as well as to your website.

I hope you found these points benefits you. Implement the above points and see the visitors graph increase. Keep reading.

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