Digital Marketing Strategies for Start up


Each business needs marketing, in this technology world preferably digital marketing in order to be more visible and get more clients. Startup needs some powerful marketing techniques if they want to compete with their competitors who are already successful.  If you own a startup business, then this article will help you for sure to start a digital marketing campaign.

As a startup, the first thing you have to do in online marketing is to set up a plan and introduce your brand to people via social media. Here are some tips and techniques to kick start the digital marketing.

#Online Presence

To start digital marketing, creating an online presence is essential. To promote your brand you should start with killer website of your business, a sophisticated website which explains your business and a smart front end design which is adaptable for every gadgets. Apart from that you should integrate your Facebook, twitter and blog with your website.

By doing all this, you will have an awesome website and you can use it to promote online. If it is relevant you can build a mobile app for your brand which will reach more and more audiences. Having a well-designed and perfect website helps your business more than you imagine.


#Competitors Analysis

Before setting up a plan for digital marketing for your business, you have to start the competitor analysis, which is called competitor research. Spend some time to learn what your competitors are doing. Initially, Search who are all your competitors and then research their digital marketing strategies. Choose best among them and then research thoroughly regarding their digital marketing approaches.

You might wonder how to do the competitor analysis, it’s quiet simple as long as you have Google. Google your business type and pick the top 10 results appear in the search result go through their website, Facebook and twitter pages. Choose the companies who are getting more likes and followers, completely analyses their activities. Once you have done this you will get an idea of digital marketing and then you will set up a plan to beat your competitors.


#Set up Social Media Profile

Once you got your game plan, set up your company’s social media profile in powerful digital medium like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn and all the other popular and business related social medium. In your profile, tell people keenly that what services you are offering and a short catchy description about your company.

First of all target your audience, search the people who are all capable of buying or interested in your brand, those are your potential buyers or clients , search them and approach them via social media by joining such groups. By doing so your profile will be get to know by some users and gradually your brand become popular.


#Engage with your Followers

Now, you have settled up with your social media profile and have followers. Do you think you are going to stop with this?  No, Branding is the everyday work, not a onetime shot. So you have to keep engaging with social media regularly. So, you can’t just stop with this, you have to engage with your audience.

You know you are doing digital marketing right when you have an active social media profile. Meaning, you should be active and engage with your followers regularly on social media which increases your credibility. Share something interesting. If a client contacts you, response them immediately. So they can trust and appreciate you.  Share your brand globally.


#Target Right Customers

What is Targeted Audience? Imagine you have 2k likes for your Facebook page which you have got somehow by promoting, now the real question is, Are those 2k members are relevant to your business? Are they going to notice the post you are sharing? Are they going to do any business with you? Here comes the term Targeted Audience.

So targeted audience are the people or potential clients who are all somewhat relevant or related to your business. For instance, if you are doing online marketing for “college” then you should target students. If you own a “boutique shop” then you should target girls and ladies. Overall you should make real fans for your social media profile.



Aside from social media, there is another way of online marketing which gives your website more potential visitors which is totally organic (without spending any money). Basically, SEO helps your website appear top in all the search engines. When user search something in search engines like Google and if your website appears on the top then obviously user will click yours.

Why we are saying it will get you more potential visitors? Because SEO is based on the keywords that are being searched in Google. So, if a visitor comes to your website by SEO then they must have searched the keyword you are working on which means they need your service and they end up on your website.

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#PPC and Advertising

In digital marketing, there are also paid services to promote your business. For Google there is PPC (Pay per click) that is you can pay Google to appear your website top on the search engine instead of doing SEO and as far as social media concerned, there are lot of paid advertising options available in Facebook, twitter an Instagram like sponsored ads.

If you are asking which is best, we would prefer organic way of promoting because it gives your business/brand more credibility and chances of having more real fans is high compared to paid advertising. Digital Marketing needs more time and effort. If you are dedicated and ready to put more effort definitely digital marketing won’t fail you, it will give you the result you requires.

All the best!!

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