7 Reasons How Social Media Marketing Impact your Business


SOCIAL MEDIA, the most powerful tool of the 21st century and its importance is growing rapidly day by day. New technology is directly proportional to the business. Meaning, as the new technology and trends evolves, business marketing strategy also evolves.
Picture that, your marketing reach millions of people in a little amount of time with low cost. Yes, Social Media Marketing is exactly doing the above. About 80% of the business people claims that social media generated maximum exposure to their company. It is apparent that Social Media Marketing is the key element of their success.
If you are starting a new business, promoting in social media is the intelligent way to introduce your firm to potential customers. Here are some major benefits you will get out of Social Media Marketing.

#Higher Conversion Rates

Social media allows your product/company/business to give a positive impression via customers. When you interact with your clients by posting comment, sharing content, it personifies you than your company. People think of you as some person and not a brand so they will trust you more and wants to connect with you. With higher visibility of your brand through social media gains more chances for conversion.

Research also proven that social media marketing has higher lead when compared to outbound marketing. The credibility of your business also increases via social media. You use social media to connect with your friends and family likewise why not your brand also get connected with them? Putting your brand in a medium where people interacting 24*7 will give you no harm rather your brand will gain more visitors which leads to higher conversion rates.

#Increased Brand Awareness
Just creating a page and let few people know about it can make great awareness to your brand than outbound marketing. Now a days, how many people do you think will take a look at huge banner or holding on a road? The answer would be out of 100 people only 5 or 6 might see it. But if you post anything on social media, I bet at least you would get maximum impression, No one can scroll down without seeing your post. All you have to do is invite them to like your page.

Imagine, just a single post could gain you this kind of response then what would happen if you properly marketing your brand on social media. Your brand will be everywhere on the social media. People will come to know about it, they might want to try it and ultimately they will do a business with you.

#More Traffic
With the help of Social Media Marketing, the traffic to your website will increase. You already have Search Engine Optimization to gain traffic. But it is only for limited people who searches you on search engines. But social media will reach numerous people in no time and if they like your content which you have been sharing, they will definitely visit your website.

Social media profile of yours is simply the Gateway to your website and every content you are posting is a new idea of impressing a new customer. Instead of spending moths for marketing to gain traffic, social media is great platform to help you perform well in your business.

#Saves Time
You can achieve all the above advantages of social media marketing only with the minimal amount of time and cost. If you are a startup, just creating an ad for local TV would cost a fortune or just imagine home much time it will get to reach out your customers. More importantly how will you know your customer’s requirements? Just by spending 2 hours in social media is more than enough to research how exactly people want/like your product.

To save your time and money, just a professionally and properly planned social media marketing is helpful to reach out vast amount of customers and your startup will become a successful company just in few months.

#Better Customer Experience
Unlike other marketing strategies, social media networking is a communication platform. It is the best medium that user and buyer can communicate which builds trust and brand awareness among customers. Customers appreciates if you are constantly in touch with them. They can receive a personalized message via social media, they know you care about them.

You can create good consciousness about your brand/product. With proper marketing your brand will get a huge response and more customer followers. Don’t stop once you get enough audience. Your responsibility is to keep them updated, keep them engaged, answer to their questions and keep them thinking about your brand. People appreciates the business which is more active and provide solutions to their problem. You can achieve all these through simple marketing techniques.

#Reach Target Market
Major advantage of marketing in Social media platform is you can bring your marketing to your targeted customers. The ultimate goal of marketing is to reach target audience and gain more customers right? Just Imagine, you put all the efforts in marketing without any targeted audience then how will you get the right customers to your business. So, it’s important that you know who is your audience.

In other platforms, like marketing in TV and newspapers, you don’t have the benefit of knowing your audience. You can’t do the Target Marketing. But including various advantages of Social Media Marketing you can track your targeted customers and let them know your business/brand by choosing the particular location or can sort out by various categories which are available in Social Media Marketing for Target marketing.

#Re Targeting
Re- Targeting is a great way to re-engaging with your customers. The term Re-Targeting is familiar phrase in Social Media marketing. Re-Targeting is nothing but you can custom the users by separate them according to the interests they have shown on your brand/business. For example, you can filter the users who are frequently like your posts and keep engaging with you in anyway which means they are very potential customers and they like your brand.

You cannot ignore those users, you should re-engage those users by sending personalized emails or special offers. It will give them opportunity to know more about your brand and make a decision about your brand or service. Retargeting campaign is very useful for getting higher conversion rates.

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